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Matter - det nya protokollet för ”alla” smarta prylar

Matter är ett försök av smarta-prylar-tillverkare att sy ihop alla olika protokoll i ett. Tanken är att alla smartsaker ska ”prata” med varandra och fungera tillsammans. Så här sammanfattar Wirecutter Matter i 5 punkter:

  • Matter is really just a bunch of technical standards, so you won’t have to interact with Matter directly—it isn’t an app or other software, it’s just a set of rules.

  • When you install a Matter-compatible device, it will automatically connect to and work with other Matter devices in your home network.

  • If you already use a smart platform and/or smart speaker like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, or Samsung SmartThings, you can still use any (or all) of them to control your smart devices.

  • Most newer devices, but even many older ones, may be upgradable to become Matter compatible, especially those that use a hub, like the Philips Hue line.

  • This isn’t happening tomorrow. Although products that will be compatible have been announced, it’ll be mid- to late 2022 before Matter “goes live,” and possibly later before a wide selection of devices is available.

Det som talar emot Matter är att det brukar vara svårt att enas kring gemensamma regler. Det som talar för är att många stora företag står redan bakom det.

[Smart Home’s Biggest Problem Might Get Better. Here’s What You Need to Know About Matter.](

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